Book Lebanese at a Glance

Lebanese at a Glance Phrase book & Audio [Second Edition – 2018]

 Introduction to the Lebanese Language and Guidelines to Lebanese Culture and Customs
Helpful Phrases, Downloadable Audio, Menu Guide, Mini Grammar Guide, mini- Dictionary: Lebanese – English, English – Lebanese

Recommended for 14 years and older

Hicham Bourjaili
Antoine Faddoul
Joseph Khoury

Denise Abou Chrouch
Yvonne Sidaoui

Designed for English speakers to learn Modern Lebanese; the native language of Lebanon, and the language used in daily conversation, on television, and in songs. Lebanese is the most understood language in the Middle East after Egyptian.

The Lebanese Latin Letters (LLL System) is used to make the experience simpler and efficient.

ISBN 978-0692148358

136 Pages 5.7″ x 7.5″

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Lebanese at a Glance Phrasebook & Audio