Languages that have Arabic and Aramaic Roots

Languages that have Arabic Basis or Arabic Mix 

Languages that have Arabic Basis or Arabic Mix


1- Lebanon 2- Syria 3-Jordan 4- Palestine 5- Saudi Arabia 6- Iraq 7- Kuwait 8- Bahrain 9- Qatar 10-UAE 11-Oman 12-Yemen 13- Egypt 14- Sudan – 15 Lybia 16- Tunisia 17-Algeria 18-Morocco 

People who speak languages from the same group can communicate with each other . However, communicating with people who speak a language from a different group requires learning a new language.

Group A

Aramo-Arabic or Neo-Aramaic or Arabo-Canaanite

Roots/mix: Aramaic/Syriac, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, some Greek and other languages

Native Languages of Group A Lebanese Language Lebanese major Dialects — – Modern Lebanese – Northern Lebanese – Traditional Beiruti Lebanese – Southern Lebanese – Biqaxii-Lebanese

– Central-Mountain Lebanese

– Durzi-Mountain Lebanese


Syrian Language (West & Central) Syrian major Dialects ——– – Shami Syrian – Costal Syrian – Halabi Syrian
Palestinian Language Palestinian major Dialects — – Modern Palestinian– Gazawi Palestinian
Jordanian (non Bedouin) Jordanian major Dialects —- – Modern Jordanian 


Group B


Roots/mix: Ancient Egyptian, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, some Aramaic, Greek  and other langauges

Native Languages of Group B Egyptian Egyptian major Dialects — – Modern Egyptian – Iskandarani Egyptian – Saiidi Egyptian 
Sudani (North) Sudani/ Egyptian
Libyan (partially)    

Group C

Gulf Arabian – Khaligi – Badawin Arabic

Roots/mix: Arabic, Nabatian, Aramaic, Ancient Yemenite, Persian, Indian, some Turkish, Aramaic, and other langauges

Native Languages of Group C** Some Iraqi dialects connect with languages from Group-A due to the big Aramaic content in the two groups


Gulf Arabic/ Khaligi Gulf Arabic major Dialects — – Saudi – Kuwait, Qatari, Bahraini & Emarati – Omani

– Central Iraqi

– Southern Iraqi


Badawin Arabic Bedouin major Dialects —— – Iraqi/Syrian/ Jordanian Bedouin – Gulf Bedouin  


Group D

North West African

Roots/mix: Arabic, Berber/Amazigh, Aramaic, Spanish, French and others

Native Languages of Group D** Languages in this group might not communicate with each other as easy as languages from other groups Tunisian