Book Lebanese 101 Textbook

Lebanese 101 text book [First Edition – 2019]

[Will be Available Soon]

lessons and exercises for Introductory level. Designed for beginners English speakers.

Over 15 years of developing lessons and teaching them in the United States. This level introduces the Lebanese language to beginners [History and development] with pronunciation, basic grammar, gender, numbers, time telling and basic daily conversation exercises. People will be able to speak basic Lebanese, engage in simple conversations and practice their question and answer dialogues.

Recommended for teaching 13 years and older.

Lesson 1, Pronunciation Guide and frequently used phrases/expressions

Lesson 2, Subject Pronouns, Demonstrative adjectives, AND, and Yes-and-No questions

Lesson 3, Using the definite article, Lunar and Solar Letters [Letter Types & the Definitive Article]

Lesson 4, Nouns, Gender, Simple verbs and the Numbers

Lesson 5, Nouns, Adjective and Genders

Lesson 6, Personal Pronouns: Possessive and Time-telling

Lesson 7, Characteristics and Colors: articles, Adjectives

Lesson 8, Days, Months and seasons, Singles, dual and plural, Fii

Lesson 9, Questions, Introduction to verb conjugation, simple verbs and Negative phrases, Or

Lesson 10, Questions, Verbs (general), Essential verbs: to be, to want, to have: in present and past Reflexive Pronouns, Intro to Classic Lebanese and Lebanese songs

Exercise chapter included