Level 101-Lessons

The following format of Level 101 is intended to be taught in-class, or with an instructor. It has 10 lessons. You can download the 10 lessons for free in the PDF format.

  • Lesson1, Pronunciation Guide and frequently used phrases/expressions
  • Lesson2, Subject Pronouns, Demonstrative adjectives, AND, and Yes-and-No questions
  • Lesson3, Using the definite article, Lunar and Solar Letters
  • Lesson4, Nouns, Gender, Simple verbs and the Numbers
  • Lesson5, Nouns, Adjective and Genders
  • Lesson6, Personal Pronouns: Possessive and Time-telling
  • Lesson7, Characteristics and Colors: articles, Adjectives
  • Lesson8, Days, Months and seasons, Singles, dual and plural, Fii
  • Lesson9, Questions, Introduction to verb conjugation, simple verbs and Negative phrases
  • Lesson10, Questions, Verbs (general), Essential verbs in present and past, Intro to Classic Lebanese and Lebanese songs