Songs- Ya Ṫayr

Classic Lebanese and Lebanese Songs Song: Ya ayr  by Fayruz (also Fayrouz and Fairouz)

Classic Lebanese is one of the Lebanese dialects that has been used in some literature, theater and song production.

Classic Lebanese main feature is that it articulates the vowels in way that it sounds different than spoken Lebanese.

The most used vowel articulations:

Modern Lebanese               Classic Lebanese

e                                       ay

e                                       a and aa

e (end of the word)       ii

o                                      aw

o (end of the word)       u

Conjunctions like xa are often pronounced xala in classic Lebanese.

By: Fayruz, also Fayrouz 

Ya Ṫayr  (Classic Lebanese)

Ya ṫayr ya ṫayir xala ṫraf ddinii

Law fiik tiḣke lil ḣabaayib cu binii

Ya ṫayr


Ruḣ s`alon xallii waliifo muc maxu

Majruḣ bi jruḣ l hawa cu byinfaxu

Mawjux ma bii`ul xalli byujaxu

W txinn xa baalo layale l waldanii


Ya ṫayir w aḱid maxak lawn ccajar

Ma xaad fii illa ha nnaṫra wi ḋajar

Binṫor bi xayn ccams xa bard l ḣajar

W mlabbakii w iid li fra` thiddnii


Wiḣyaat riicaatak w iyyamii sawa

Wiḣyaat zahr ccaw` w hbub l hawa

Kannak la xindon rayiḣ w jann l hawa

Ḱidnii w lanno cii d`ii`a w riddinii

Ya Ṫer/Ṫeir/Ṫayr (Modern Lebanese)

Ya ṫer ya ṫayir xa ṫraf ddine

Law fiik tiḣke lil ḣabeyib cu bine

Ya ṫer


Ruḣ s`alon xalli waliifo mic maxo

Majruḣ bi jruḣ l hawa cu byinfaxo

Mawjux ma bii`ul xalli byujaxo

W txinn xa belo layele l waldane


Ya ṫer w eḱid maxak lon ccajar

Ma xad fii illa ha nnaṫra w ḋajar

Binṫor bi xen ccams xa bard l ḣajar

W mlabbake w iid li fraa` thiddne


Wiḣyet riicetak w iyyeme sawa

Wiḣyet zahr ccaw` w hbub l hawa

Kannak la xindon rayiḣ w jann l hawa

Ḱidne wlanno cii d`ii`a w riddne


O bird (English)
O bird flying on the tip of the world,If you would only tell my beloved ones about me

O bird

Go ask those without their mates,

experiencing love wounds without a remedy

in-pain without expressing any pain,

missing the playful nights of childhood


O you who carries the color of trees when flies,

Nothing is left but waiting and boredom,

I wait under the sun on the coldness of stone,

Troubled, and separation force lets me down


I beseech you by your feathers and my days,

By the thorn-flowers and the wind,

If you are ever heading toward them on a wild wind,

Take me even for a moment and then return me back