Pronunciation Guide

The letters shown below are meant to be pronounced each in one unique way. The  letters shown in bold are the ones you need to get acquainted with since they are either pronounced different or have a new sound to English. Due to having less Latin letters than the sounds required three arrangements are made in two ways:

Traditional LLL:

1. The letters with a dot above the letter are pronounced thicker such in D & Ḋ, H & Ḣ, S & Ṡ, K & Ḱ etc..

2. Ġ and Ḱ are used as shown below

3. Role/ stress-on all double letters.

4. The double vowels such as aa, ee, and oo are pronounced longer than single a, e or o.


War’a Paper
Alam Pen
Beb Door
Cajra Tree
Daraj Stairs
Ḋaw Light
Warde Rose
Finjen Cup
Arġiile Water pipe
Ciġil Work
Hawa Air
Ḣilo Beautiful/Sweet
Im Mother
Iid Hand
Jabal Mountain
Akil Food
Ḱibiz Bread
Laban Yogurt
Mreye Mirror
Nahir River
Moz Banana
Please Please
Iiqaax Rhythm
Raṡ Head
Sama Sky
Ṡura Picture
Talij Snow/ Ice
Ṫawiil Tall
Uḋa Room
Video Video
Warde Rose
Xein Eye/Water spring
Yamiin Right
Zahra Flower
Buża Icecream


Btiḣke Libnene? Do you speak Lebanese?
Biḣke cway I speak a little
Biḣke Libnene mniiḣ I speak good Lebanese
Ma biḣke Libnene I don’t speak Lebanese
Ma bifham Libnene I don’t understand Lebanese

For Alphabet pronunciation short videos Click Here



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